Cheongsam Dress : An Everlasting Elegance !

Origin of Cheongsam Dress
Modern day Cheongsam dress has a long and deep history behind it. These dresses come in different designs and patterns, I find traditional embroidery on silk cheongsam dress very elegant. I remember owning one when I was a kid, I was absolutely in love with the dress but soon I outgrew it. This dress has been on my wishlist for quite some time, So when I was visiting my sister last year in Singapore, I went to China Town particularly looking for it. There I found the most beautiful cheongsam dress, but sadly I could not fit into it.

Anyway getting back to Cheongsam dress’s history, it was the traditional dress worn by the Manchu group in the 17th century in China, who were also called the Banner People. Back then these dresses were tube shaped, loose fitted and were so long that they would reach the insteps. Usually they were made of silk and had embroidery all over and were worn by both men and women. It was in the 1920′s that cheongsam dress became popular throughout China. Modern influence in these made them shorter in length and silhouette a fitted one. Since then these dresses have been gracing the fashion world every now and then.

Where & How to Wear

This time I thought I will try something a little different by creating a fusion of Chinese design and tropical print with this dress. As cheongsam dresses are known for their elegance I tried to add a little fun element to it with this print. To enhance my waist I added a belt to the dress. Staying in tune with the colors of the outfit I added a red-green clutch and red kitten heels to the outfit. Because of the lady-like appeal of cheongsam dress it is perfect for a semi-formal occasion. You also can wear it with canvas shoes for a more casual-chic look.

Fabric : Cotton dress, Silk belt

Silhouette : Cheongsam dresses are known for their figure flattering silhouette.

Dress : DIY, Belt, Bag & Heels : Thrifted

Would you be giving this style a shot this season?


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