Mughal Print for a Royal Touch !

Mughal Print for a Royal Touch
Origin of Mughal Prints
The Mughals established one of the greatest empire in India. Their relaxed lifestyle inspired the artisans with modern ideas and philosophies which lead to the birth of contemporary trends. Mughal emperors were very passionate about paintings, architecture, jewellery making and poetry. They also paid special attention to textiles — patterns, cuts and delicate hand work on their garments. These trends and styles have been replicated by architects, artists, film directors and fashion designers around the world. Nur Jahan wife of Jahangir, made a huge contribution to women’s fashion. Fashion trends swayed by her tastes and creations.

Where & How to Wear

I wanted today’s outfit to have an Indian essence. So when I went fabric scouting for my skirt I specifically looked for Indian patterns. I find Indian patterns rich in heritage and very colorful. When I spotted this Mughal print I immediately knew what I had to do with it. I got a peplum skirt stitched. Paired this skirt with a shirt, kitten heels and golden choker for a lady-like elegance. I found the overall combination very vibrant, lively and perfect for semi-formal occasion.

Pair this skirt with a basic t-shirt and oxford shoes for a casual outing.

Fabric : Cotton shirt, Silk skirt

Silhouette : Pair a peplum skirt with a shirt for an enhanced hourglass shape.

Shirt, Choker & Heels : Thrifted, Skirt : DIY

What are your thoughts about this Mughal print skirt?